Lunch in Valse-les-bains

Valse-les-bains is a thermal spa and is the closest town to La Roche. It’s been a spa since the 17th century. There are 143 springs in Valse-les-bains and is a major diabetes treatment centre.


A house in Valse-les-bains

We had a cheap, simple but good bavette, frites et salade.

2 thoughts on “Lunch in Valse-les-bains”

  1. I have a picture of a house very similar to this one, but from Ferrazano, belonging to our father-in-law’s friend Giacomo. This example is beautful, unfortunately the house in Italy is falling apart.

  2. I love the stonework used to build everything in this area. In the mountains everything was hauled up hill by mules and donkeys.

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