Departure (almost an anagram for ‘Raptured’)

The departure (along with Debi graciously driving me to the airport) went smoothly. Getting out of Parkdale is always difficult, even more so when the Ex is on. I had checked-in and printed my own boarding pass – I sailed through security and we didn’t have to wait too long to get on board.

Charge your robot

I thought I had reserved a seat far away from the wing, but I guess not – my seat was right above!

Wing over Ontario


At the beginning of 1991 I began a two year work term in Paris. A few days after I arrived I participated in one of several anti-war rallies against the first American war in the Arabian Gulf (euphemistically called “The Gulf War”). The march took about three hours and while taking photographs and chanting some slogan or other, we passed monuments, famous buildings and streets – I saw Paris so differently than as a tourist.


Four Photographers - One Warrior - Peace For All

It didn’t take me long to fall in love with everything about Paris – except the attitude. Twenty years (and a few months) later Paris is still Paris and the attitude has improved tremendously.

I thought I’d blog about my twentieth anniversary visit. It will be composed mainly of photographs with some nostalgic musings about places revisited and perhaps some new surprises.


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Un grand merci to Reg Beatty for setting up the blog for me. Without him I would be nothing.

Reg and his two falafel ladies

Reg and his two falafel ladies (Reg from TO, falafels from Chez Marianne)