Testing Geotagging

I’ve always wanted to know exactly where a photograph was taken. I need to know where the rusty mailbox, the home-made number or other small detail is located. I have solved this with an iPhone app, PlaceTagger. I record my locations, while wandering around taking pictures. Then, on my MacBook Pro, I import my pictures into Aperture and use the PlaceTagger plugin to geotag them using the data recorded on the iPhone.

I recently discovered a WordPress plugin with which you can add geotagging to posts. There are three parts to this feature: built-in geotagging via the iPhone WordPress app, geotagging via the WordPress add/edit post page and geotagging display on the post itself. When using the iPhone WordPress app, you can automatically add your current location to the post. The add/edit post page allows you to geotag by entering an address – it appears you have to enter a complete address (address, city, country) for it to work. A geotagged page includes a hyperlink indicating the location chosen for the post – move the cursor over the hyperlink and a small map pops up showing the location, click on the map and a new Google Maps window opens where you can explore via Street View or by using other Google features. This further enhances the psychogeographic aspect of this blog.