Random Flâneur



Rue Debelleyme


Abandoned Velib’


Blue Window


The Seine, towards Pont Louis Philippe


Montmartre rooftops




Sacré-Coeur Spire Top






Turning the past into the future (On Rue Saint-Sabin)


Waiting (on the Champs-Elysées)


The End is around the corner


Bistrot du Marais (Le Marché des Enfants Rouges)

3 thoughts on “Random Flâneur”

  1. Francis, you old romantic in geek’s clothing. Do the French notice that you hover among them? grabbing your snippets of i-cam flora, plucking the juicy little compositions and the snapping the crunchy decay of the town. I am savouring them all, and rolling them around in my eye like i savour a glass of grenache. You are missed, you old franophiliac, never more so than when you send back these tidbits, like brie on a crust, not enough , wanting more. Revel on our behalf, Monsieur Shutterbug, It is delight full.

  2. …love your comment Howard!

    what about – ” an old geek wrapping himself in the rough hewn romance and bittersweet allure of the soft underbelly…” – I think I better stop.

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