Testing Geotagging

I’ve always wanted to know exactly where a photograph was taken. I need to know where the rusty mailbox, the home-made number or other small detail is located. I have solved this with an iPhone app, PlaceTagger. I record my locations, while wandering around taking pictures. Then, on my MacBook Pro, I import my pictures into Aperture and use the PlaceTagger plugin to geotag them using the data recorded on the iPhone.

I recently discovered a WordPress plugin with which you can add geotagging to posts. There are three parts to this feature: built-in geotagging via the iPhone WordPress app, geotagging via the WordPress add/edit post page and geotagging display on the post itself. When using the iPhone WordPress app, you can automatically add your current location to the post. The add/edit post page allows you to geotag by entering an address – it appears you have to enter a complete address (address, city, country) for it to work. A geotagged page includes a hyperlink indicating the location chosen for the post – move the cursor over the hyperlink and a small map pops up showing the location, click on the map and a new Google Maps window opens where you can explore via Street View or by using other Google features. This further enhances the psychogeographic aspect of this blog.



2 thoughts on “Testing Geotagging”

  1. Hey Francis/cois!
    I just chose the first photo to comment on. This photo proved to have a very “John Cage vibe” to it. I wanted to quickly say, “Wow!” Great photos and so plentiful that I will have to take my time going through them and commenting. I am checking out shows at Pop Montreal including music-centred films, Arcade Fire (outside), and several smaller bands this weekend.
    I am still eating the bakery bread from our New Hampshire trip which began last week. Beautiful area. We stopped in on Caroline for a day. Had an interesting encounter with U.S. politics. More on that next time.

    1. Clint, Thanks for the comment! Which one gives you the John Cage vibe?

      U.S. politics? Plagues all of us, including American-born blonds hiding out in Canada!

      I’ve always wanted to check out a few shows at Pop Montreal – they had an amazing poster from two (or three) years ago that I wanted to get my hands on.

      I hope you like the rest of the photos.



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